Cytronex: Hidden Power
Cytronex: Hidden Power
Get there fast with the world's lightest electric bike...
An electric bike from Cytronex looks and handles like the same bicycle without power assistance. View our Electric Bikes
View our Electric Bikes
View our Electric Bikes
C1 Electric Cycle Power

choose the bike you want with Cytronex Electric Assistance fitted

An electric bike from Cytronex looks and handles like the same bicycle without power assistance. The battery looks exactly like a water bottle, the electric hub motor is about the same size as a bicycle dynamo and there is no mess of cables and switches. Yet press the Boost button at the bottom of a hill and other cyclists will disappear into the background.

We showcased the brand new Cytronex C1 kit at 2016 Cycle Show and once again set a new standard for lightweight electric bikes - the Pinarello Marvel fitted with the new Cytronex C1 kit weighs in at just 11.7Kg in total. C1 adds just 3.6Kg to the weight of a bicycle - a modest increase in weight in return for the power of an additional rider, whenever you need it. Cytronex silently flattens hills and cruises through headwinds.

Visit out new C1 web page here to find out more (please allow time for the page to load).

The previous record for lightweight was the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six electric bicycle which weighed 12.9Kg and featured in the well-known race against pro Russell Downing on Channel 5. Scroll down to see this race.


  • Video from Home of the Future

    Cytronex electric bikes feature on Channel 4's Home of the Future

    Leon gets to cycle like a pro in an uphill climb against professional road cyclist Scott Thwaites of the Edura Racing Team. The Cytronex Electric Powered Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty Headshock is the featured electric bicycle. Watch video...

    Home of the Future

  • Ortis Deley riding Cytronex Powered Super Six Electric Bike on The Gadget Show

    Cytronex races top cyclist on Channel 5's The Gadget Show

    A special episode of the Gadget Show broadcast with a "Beat The Pro" challenge where presenter Ortis Deley races professional cyclist Russell Downing (winner of the Tour of Ireland) on a Cytronex electric bike.

    A brand new model was launched for the occasion, the world's lightest electric bike - the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six Ultegra, a carbon framed bike using the legendary Cannondale Super Six frame. Click on the link to see how he got on in the gruelling 2 mile uphill race on Holme Moss, one of the countries toughest hill climbs. Watch video...


A Cytronex electric bike is the ultimate commuter bicycle - the fastest on the road and also the lightest full size e-bike. What's more Cytronex is a British design and is assembled in Winchester, UK. New for 2017 is Cytronex C1, - a retro fit electric assistance kit that fits most bikes and weighs just 3.6Kg. Visit our new C1 web page here to find out more about the kit, or visit our C1 deposit page to reserve your kit today. The first 200 deposits received will be produced in the first production run, which we believe will arrive now in late Spring 2017, subsequent units expected early Summer 2017.


The lightest touch on the rear brake will stop the Cytronex Electric Power Assistance instantly. And because Cytronex electric bicycles are designed for personal transport day or night, every Cytronex water bottle battery has a high efficiency switching regulator which maintains optimum stable power to the ultra bright Busch & Muller electric LED bicycle lights. Cytronex is designed with reserve power for lights so when your assistance runs out there is a significant reserve of power for bicycle light to get you home safely.


We fit the world's lightest electric bicycle power assistance system to the best bicycles from Cannondale, GT, Charge, Merida and many more. See our range of electric bicycles. The new Cytronex C1 retro-fit electric assistance kit can fit to most bikes without the need for technical knowledge or bicycle tools in just 20 minutes.


Why not come to Winchester by train, test ride a lightweight Cytronex powered electric bike and enjoy a day or afternoon sightseeing in the ancient capital of Britain. Winchester is only 1 hour from Waterloo by train and we are a 15 minute walk from the station. Our friendly staff will be delighted to provide a demonstration of the Cytronex electrically assisted bikes.

Please contact if you'd like to book a test ride.

Before you come it is a good idea to check that we have your chosen frame size in stock, please Book A Test Ride with our online form or call us on 01962 866122.


Your feedback is very much appreciated and we enjoy receiving comments from people who have bought a Cytronex electric bike. We’ve published a selection of the reviews and testimonials here.


Workshop servicescytech

Cytronex customers are often commuters who cover a serious mileage and need their electric bicycles well maintained. As we build our Cytronex electric powered bicycles on site we have a workshop which is extremely well equipped and all work is carried out by our Cytech qualified mechanics. We also provide high quality servicing for unassisted bicycles too.


Cytronex C1 breaks new ground for lightweight performance, but we sowed the seeds back in 2009…

Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo electric bike

At an incredible 13.6Kg including the bottle battery, the Cytronex Electric Powered Cannondale Capo was the world's lightest electric bicycle, after only the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six. The light weight allowed an excellent power to weight ratio and made the Capo the ideal fast commuter bicycle for use in towns and cities.

To see the review by Wired Magazine click here, full review also available from A to B – click here for details. Electric bicycles never looked so good... until now!

Independent Review

Stuff Magazine - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Synapse
"A serious road warrior with added power. What's not to like? 5/5"
Electric Bicycle Test
Stuff Magazine Logo
View all Reviews and Articles

Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo highest rated E-Bike in Wired Magazine review

Wired Magazine features a comparison of 4 electric bikes, with the Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo pedelec being compared to the new Wisper 906, Urban Mover UM36X and Infineum Extreme. The Cytronex Capo was rated highest ("Excellent" - 8/10) and led the field in both acceleration and top speed even though it is a single speed bicycle! WIREDYou can see the review by clicking here (PDF 2.32Mb).

Top speed 26.1mph
Time from 0-15mph 5.42secs

A review of two Cytronex Powered Electric bicycles by the Southern Daily Echo

Daily EchoSouthern Daily Echo reporter Peter Law tested the Cytronex Electric Powered Cannondale Synapse and the Cytronex Electric Powered Genesis Day One electric bikes and wrote "Going up hills is absolute doddle, even on a single speed bike, and I barely broke out in a sweat as I tackled the hilly terrain of Winchester". You can read the full Daily Echo review and see a video of his test ride here., BikeBiz and BikeRadar

News of the world's lightest production ebikes spread fast. The Cytronex Powered Cannondale Capo, weighing 13.6Kg, appeared on the front page of 3 UK cycle websites:, BikeBiz and BikeRadar. Now we have smashed the records again with the new C1 adding a mere 3.6Kg.

BBC Radio Solent


Play audio...(pop-out) Read transcription...

BBC Radio Solent broadcast a feature on Cytronex by Nadine Dukeson. She test rode the Cytronex Powered Ridgback Cyclone, commenting that she felt like she was flying! Click the play button above to listen to the broadcast, or download it to your computer.

Why not listen to the interview while you browse the rest of the site?

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