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Green TransportCytronex has been developed in order to provide a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to the car for shorter journeys in order to reduce the emissions that are harming our environment. This is central to our environmentally friendly, green philosophy.

We believe that electric transport, and electric bicycles specifically are capable of making a significant contribution to cutting emissions but only if a desirable product is produced which is capable of being taken up on a large scale. This is why Cytronex powered bikes look so different to other ebikes and look exactly like unassisted bikes. It is also why we have one of the most efficient systems anywhere in the world with an unbeatable power to weight ratio. Cytronex is truly green transport, and we are delighted that in 2009 this has been recognised with shortlisting in the Green Innovation Winchester Business Excellence Awards

Our vision includes a commitment to minimise the environmental impact of our day-to-day business activities because we care about the effect of our activities on the planet and its resources. We therefore have an environmental policy and we follow this up with regular audit to identify as many ways as possible to reduce our energy use, waste and to recycle as much as possible. Our commitment to protecting the environment includes:

  • Reducing fuel consumption by cycling to work, and ordering efficiently to minimise lorry deliveries.
  • Keeping as much information online as possible, not producing product brochures or marketing leaflets.

  • Using recycled paper products and reusing paper. Avoiding printing documents if possible or printing both sides.

  • Recycling all cardboard, bottles, plastics. Composting vegetable matter and shredded paper. Reusing boxes and packaging.

  • Turning off all electrical appliances whenever possible including every evening and at lunchtime.

  • Using low energy lightbulbs throughout.


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