...the revolutionary new Cytronex electric bicycle power assistance system - Cytronex C1
Electrify your Bike


Boost Button

Fitting Cytronex C1 to a bicycle does not change the way the bike rides when the system is off, so when the terrain is easy, you don't need assistance. When the going gets tough, just press the Boost Button and smooth, refined and virtually silent assistance powers you up steep hills and through head winds.

Boost Button turns on and off with a single press. If you press and hold for one second the button will change colour and provide a different power level. You can set the power for each colour in the Cytronex App. Whatever you choose - Cytronex will add that precise power level to your cycling effort.

Press and hold the Boost Button for two seconds and you can turn on the optional high power LED bicycle lights.

Two zip ties secure the button in the ideal position to press with your thumb.

Button can fit to all major sizes of handlebar from hybrid flat bars and mountain bikes bars to road bike drop bars.


Cytronex App

Customise your ride.

The Cytronex bottle connects to your PC via USB whilst in the Charge Shoe so you can use the Cytronex App. This allows you to set exact power levels and the brightness of LEDs - day or night. The App includes a diagnostic function - in the event of an issue you can send a log file to Cytronex and you can update your system automatically when new software is available.



Our Patented quick connect bottle cage clamps the bottle battery solidly and makes electrical connections all in one action.

The Compact tilt and clamp action allows bottle to fit in small spaces for maximum compatibility - fitting to almost any size of bike. Optional lock prevents removal of bottle from cage, padlock can also be joined to a bicycle cable lock.

Cage attaches via standard bottle cage mounts – two bolts can be placed in a number of positions in the cage for optimal poisitoning.

Cables are already positioned in cable guides when cage is bolted to bike – further disreet cable clips are also supplied to neatly secure the cables along your frame.

Small cage with multiple positions will fit most bike frames with water bottle mounts on the downtube. Print template to check fit.



Our compact Lithium water bottle battery is small, but packs a big punch.

State of the art British designed and built electronics provide ultra-smooth and virtually silent assistance with unrivalled efficiency. All of the key system electronics, from motor control to 6V power for bicycle lights, have been miniaturised inside the ultra-compact water bottle case with a powerful lithium battery.


Cytronex Sensor

One Sensor, Low Maintenance, Easy fitting

Our Patented Cytronex sensor replaces the 3 sensors usually required by regulations and fits quickly and easily without bicycle tools. Cytronex sensor detects the movement of a rear sprocket to monitor pedalling and bicycle speed on most bikes and the ultra fast response means a brake sensor is not required.

Sensor head swings out of the way if knocked during bicycle maintenance and can simply be flipped straight back to the original position.

Fits quickly and neatly with two cable ties.

The two screws on top of the sensor bracket enable the sensor head to be secured in almost any postion to fit your bike.

Can be fitted to most bikes that have at least one ferrour rear sprocket.



Discrete small and lightweight motor packs enough power to easily climb hills and silently pass even the strongest riders.

Our new hub motor wheel is available in disc or V-brake versions, black or silver to match your rear wheel and a variety of sizes to fit your bike. Selecting European C1 provides 25Kmh maximum speed and the USA version has a maximum speed of 20mph. With Boost off, the motor hub is not engaged and the wheel spins freely without resistance.



Compact Fast Chargers with Charge Progress Indicator

To charge - turn your bottle upside down and place in the charge shoe. The bottle LED will shine on the Cytronex logo to indicate charge level as charging progresses - if you are in a hurry you can see when you have enough charge for your journey.

Our compact fast chargers and charge indication function are perfect for topping up your battery when you stop for lunch or coffee.

Standard Charger
Optional Fast Charger

Ensure you specify the correct mains cable for your region – if correct mains cable is not available from Cytronex for your country - you can use a standard IEC C7 mains cable for the charger.


Your perfect bike


Cytronex C1 Electric Cycle Power


Ultra lightweight, refined power assistance

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Delivered Early 2017