Cytronex: Hidden Power
Cytronex: Hidden Power
Lights and Equipment for your Cytronex Powered Electric Bicycle

Ultra Bright Lights Powered By Cytronex

We have never seen the point in having a large capacity ebike battery and not providing excellent bicycle lights powered directly by that high power battery.

With Cytronex electric bikes the quality of the lighting package is a priority, not an afterthought. Every Cytronex powered electric bicycle includes the following bike lights:

  • Amazing Busch and Muller Luminotec IQ2 Eyc T Senso LED headlight
  • Busch and Muller Secula LED rear light and reflector.

Standard equipment in detail

Light Switch:

One handlebar mounted switch turns on headlight and rear light.

Busch and Muller Cyo HeadlightBusch and Muller Fly HeadlightWe fit the Busch and Muller Secula LED rear light (left) and the amazing Luminotec IQ2 Eyc T Senso LED headlight (right) to our range.

There is no bulb in the centre of these lights. Instead, a high-powered LED is used as an indirect light source. The full power of this light is then focused by the reflector to provided the optimum view of the road ahead. This makes these LED lights some of the brightest lights ever fitted to an electric bike.

The Eyc has a convenient swivel head with notched settings which means you can adjust the area of illumination while riding for the optimum position.



Every Cytronex powered electric bike is fitted with a quality trip computer as detailed on the individual bike specifications. Most models use the Sigma Topline BC1009 trip computer. The BC1009 includes all the usual functions like speed, trip distance, trip time, current time and average speed.


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