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Customer Comments , Feedback and Review

Here are just some of the emails we have received from customers about their Cytronex bikes. Your feedback is very much appreciated and comments like those below make it all worthwhile so please keep them coming!


Fiona, New Forest - Quick 5 Feminine and Quick 5

Just to let you know, my new bike is fantastic.  Lovely to be be cycling in Holland!!!


Robert, North Wales - Cytronex powered Merida Speeder T3

We are very pleased with the bikes we bought last week. they are fantastic!


Steve, Cumbria - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six Ultegra 2013

I'm very impressed so far with the way the bike climbs hills! This has taken all the pressure and strain off my weak knees, and this is exactly what I wanted - I am enjoying my riding again, without suffering on the climbs.
For your information (if you like statistics!) here is some personal information, as I always keep meticulous logs of all my rides.
I regularly do an approximate 10 mile circuit close to home, which has 6 medium sized hills. Over many rides, my average times are:
Best (going fairly hard): 13.4 mph, taking 42:06 minutes
Worst (easy ride): 12.6 mph, taking 44:45 minutes
Grand average over many rides: 12.9 mph, averaging 43:36 minutes
My first ride using the Cytronex (and not going flat out) was an average of 15.46 mph, taking 37:27 minutes!
Now that is quite amazing, as this amounts to an increase in Average Speed of 20%, and a 14% reduction in the average time taken for the route!
The increase in efficiency, obviously, is due to all the time (and energy) I have saved climbing those hills!

Nigel, Dorset - Cytronex Powered Merida Speeder T3

My Merider T3 Speeder, bought from you some weeks ago, is a really
impressive piece of equipment. It has brought back the joy of cycling. I
find that a full battery charge will do over thirty miles the way that I use
it and, although not exactly impressive to a young enthusiastic cyclist, I
can average 15 mph plus in hilly Dorset. It rides like an ordinary
lightweight machine when you don't use the battery  and then when you start
to run out of steam on the hills you just press the button and suddenly you
have the legs of an athlete. I am 63 and was once a pretty keen cyclist .
This bike make me feel young again.

Annabel, London - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Synapse

Just to say how amazing my cannondale  synapse has been in all this snow etc. It has enabled me to get to work etc. It has been great fun with the battery.


Adam, Bath - Cytronex Powered Specialized Sirrus

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for creating such an amazing bit of kit. It was well worth the wait as my daily commute and ride up a crazy hill has gone from being a huge pain to an enormous pleasure.
If you ever want to set up a stockist in Bath I'd be happy to help!

Allan, North Yorkshire - Cytronex Powered GT Transeo 3.0

Just to let you know that since taking delivery of my Transeo 3.0 I can quite honestly say that it not only does everything it says on the tin, but more so! After injuring my knee, it has brought back to me the freedom and exercise I had missed over the last two years. When the going gets tough the button gets pushed. Everyone that has seen or ridden it has been hugely impressed, I just can't take this grin off my face every time I mount it. I recently cycled eight miles home in torrential rain and strong wind and still had a smile on my face.

Alan, Northern Ireland - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX

Having taken my first ride on my new Cytronex bike, I wanted to say a big thank you to you for a fantastic product. The bike more than meets my expectations, and I am particularly impressed with the simple yet really effective controlled boost which is a simply fabulous push in the back. I also appreciate your help in negotiating the difficulties of cycle to work implementation, the fact that I live in Northern Ireland, which is a challenge in itself, and the time you took today to guide me through the unpacking and assembly.

Neil, Devon - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Bad Boy Rigid SLX

I keep meaning to email and say how pleased I am with the bike and the excellent service provided by you all. Normally I think of this as I'm cruising along country lanes. The bike lives up to every expectation and has made the commute a real pleasure. It has become the transport of choice for my daily commute and the days when I take the car are getting fewer and fewer. Thanks again for everything and for coming up with a real niche product!

Bill, Gerrards Cross - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX700

Well suffice it to say that I ABSOLUTELY love the bike! It's really changed my life, I'm cycling at least several times a week, whenever weather etc permits. I'm really delighted with my choice, and so firstly... just want to say thank you for an excellent product. It really does live up to the hype.

Andy, Uttoxter - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Synapse 105

Just thought I would write a short note to let you know how the Synapse is performing, purchased June 2011. The bike is fantastic, the assistance level makes those steep hills enjoyable. Thank you for your fast delivery and I compliment you on an excellent product.

David, Cornwall - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX

First of all let me say thank you! I love the bike and the confidence it has given a fairly unfit 48 year old to get his bike out again. My ride to work is 7 miles down the back lanes of Cornwall (which is and I am loving it. Not only will I save money in the long term in Petrol and general car costs, it is improving my fitness and general wellbeing.

David, Barnsley - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX

Thanks again for coming up with such a great e-bike product, its helped me shift some of my weight and get healthier and trim up for my wedding - 5 stone lost and counting so to all who helped make such a great product, thank you.

Evan, Hampshire - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX700

Bought bike from you guys last year. Just down my first 1000miles to work, lost 2 inches of waist and 17 kilos, not just the bike but it helps! Thanks.

Caroline, Leeds - Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick 8

I just wanted to let you know that I rode the bike to work and back today - and it was amazing!!!! To be honest it's such a nippy bike (compared to the really heavy Powacycle Salisbury I had before) that I'm really happy riding it without the assistance for most of my commute, but the ride up the really steep last mile was brilliant with the battery.

Matthew, London - Cytronex Powered Trek 7300

I've had the Cytronex for about 5 months now and I've been using it 3 days a week about 15 miles a time so around 1,000 miles in total. I just want to say that it's been a complete joy to use with no problems at all. This is my fourth electric bike and [Cytronex is] my favourite by a long way. It will pay for itself in savings on tube fares in 12 months.




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