When we launched the first Cytronex bikes back in 2008, Cytronex was the first disguised electric bicycle system, the first water bottle battery and the lightest electric assistance system in the world with bikes like Cytronex Cannondale Capo, Cytronex Cannondale Super Six and Cytronex Trek FX models. Our ability to fit to normal bicycles without changing the cycling experience and our simple one button control made us very popular. But with each bike taking 2 days to build by a skilled technician, we were never able to meet demand. The unique features of Cytronex meant we were chosen for some well-known television shows such as the race against Russell Downing on the Gadget Show.

Cytronex races cycle pro on Channel 4

Cytronex races cycle pro on Channel 4

Cytronex races cycle pro on Gadget Show

Cytronex races cycle pro on Gadget Show

Mark Searles, the Cytronex designer has dedicated 8 years to developing Cytronex C1. Mark is passionate about getting people to cycle instead of drive, and recognised a key way of achieving this was with the ultimate mass production, retro fit power assistance kit. C1 went though many iterations before we finally achieved something no other product can do – easy fit, ultra-lightweight power assistance that can convert almost any bike to provide powerful and refined electric assistance on demand. For those who want an electric bike to ride like a normal bike, there really is no equal.

Cytronex C1 logo - Innovations
Boost Button. Riders love the one button simplicity of Cytronex C1
Boost Button

Riders love the one button simplicity of Cytronex C1 which allows you to concentrate on the road. With assistance off, your bike will ride just like it would without C1 fitted. With a momentary press of your thumb, the tactile Boost button illuminates and smooth, ultra quiet assistance will add a constant level of power to your cycling.

Cytronex App

This power level can be set by you in the C1 App, so you can for example, match any stronger rider you wish to cycle with. Press and hold the Boost Button and it will change colour to another power level – you can set a unique level for green, blue and red in the C1 App. Press and hold the Boost button for more than 2 seconds to switch on the optional high power LED bicycle lights.

Cytronex C1 App and Boost ButtonCytronex C1 App
Cytronex Sensor

Cytronex C1 has many patents – the Cytronex sensor is the key innovation that allows C1 to fit to any bicycle quickly and easily – because it replaces the 3 sensors usually required to be able to use an electric bicycle on the road as a standard bicycle. The Cytronex sensor fits with just two zip ties and loosening the two screws allows the head to move to almost any position to suit different bikes.

Cytronex C1 sensor


The ultra-compact C1 bottle encloses both the high power lithium battery and all the key electronics, so you can keep your investment safe and sound by taking the bottle with you. At 1.5Kg it’s easy to transport, but if you want to leave the bottle on your bike, there’s an optional lock too. By miniaturising all the key electronics inside a water-tight bottle, we provide highly effective protection from moisture, dirt and contaminants encountered on the road.

Ultra-compact Cytronex C1 Battery bottle
90 Mins
25 Miles
1.5 Kg
Easy fit quick connect C1 bottle cage

The quick connect bottle cage is another key innovation – your bottle connects firmly to your bike in seconds and the tilt and twist fixture allows fitting in very small spaces, providing compatibility with a wide range of frame sizes.

The minimalist C1 system has only 3 wires which the bottle cage guides neatly and unobtrusively along the bicycle downtube to provide stealthy electric assistance on almost any bicycle.

I designed Cytronex to encourage cycling as an alternative to driving for all shorter journeys. A quality bicycle equipped with Cytronex C1 is not just highly economic door-to-door transport, it’s so much fun – you’ll want to cycle everywhere.

We think Cytronex C1 is a game changer – to find out why, book a TEST RIDE today.

Mark Searles

Cytronex Designer

Cytronex C1 British Design Team, Mark Searles
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