C1: Steve, Cambridge, Drop Bar road bike

I do a two hour ride, have lunch, recharge the battery with the quick charger and cycle back. Great!

C1: Hazel, Christchurch, Giant Liv Avail drop bar road bike

I am 65 years of age and beginning to worry about the routes we were taking when out cycling with my husband as my knees really didn't like some of the hills we were going up. Now with my own Liv Avail which I love, fitted with the C1 I have no fear where we go (I can get at least 35 sometimes even 40 miles depending how hilly the route is) and the enjoyment of cycling is very much back. The staff at Cytronex Winchester have been extremely friendly and helpful with any queries we have had and I am now looking to have a C1 fitted to a cross bike so I can join my husband on off road routes.

C1: Daisy, Chandlers Ford, Bobbin Blackbird Urban Hybrid Bike

I had my first ride out yesterday and it was a dream! One touch of a button - and you simply sail up the hill! Now I can join in with my friends instead of sitting on the side lines. The design is fantastic. I cannot recommend this highly enough! Thank you so much. Daisy

C1: Fanella, Romsey

We bought a Cytronex kit and bike at the same time so it came already installed. We are so very pleased with this product - as an engineer I really appreciate the thought that has gone into delivering something that not only works brilliantly, but combines elegant and ergonomic design with a very useable solution. We love that it doesn't look like an electric bike. There's something very satisfying about overtaking the Lycra clad cyclists when dressed in a business suit going up hill and no one knows you are getting an electric boost! It's made a big difference to our attitude to cycling and we now cycle to work almost every day. The only problem is that there are two of us and one Cytronex C1 so we will be getting a second one.I have to admit whilst considering a second one it seemed sensible to check out some other options as any electric solution is quite a lot of money. Last weekend I tried out some friends electric bikes on the hills in Cornwall and some were quite good but they were very expensive (three times the price in one case!) and I just didn't like the look of the bikes and the weight. The Cytronex felt like a more natural boost compared to the Bosch and the others.I've decided after all of this that I want a second Cytronex C1, my only decision now is whether to get a new bike too or put it on my old one.

C1: James, Romsey, Cytronex C1 Cannondale Althea

All is going really well with the bike, really like using it. Some fun the other day on a hill with some hard core cyclists overtook them on a hill - me rucksack, sports jacket (work clothes), them Lycra, special shaped helmets.

C1: Anne, Lampeter, Giant TCR drop bar road bike

I just thought I'd let you know that the motor etc has worked flawlessly. One ride was nearly 40 miles with 2 long hills, 4km at 5% and 7.5km at 7% with one short, sharp hill. 25% left on the battery a few yards short of the top! The rest was downhill.

C1: Howard, Cockermouth, Cytronex C1 Self-Fit Kit

Thanks for creating such a fantastic piece of kit - I absolutely love it.

C1: Marcel, Bedford, Cytronex C1 Cannondale Quick Carbon 1

The bike is great and the power assist is amazing!

C1: Michael, Hemel Hempstead, C1 Installation on Giant Roam Hybrid Bike

Thanks for fitting the C1 to my Giant bike yesterday. I took it out this morning. Where I live in Hertfordshire there are hills all around and it was like having the lungs of a pro cyclist. Thanks guys.

C1: Dennis, Abingdon - C1 Installation - Cannondale Synapse drop bar road bike

Hi Guys,  Just thought I'd let you know did my first trip out on Cannondale Synapse with the C1 kit fitted,covered some 43 miles and using the power/assist only when needed still had 75% of battery left. What a super bit of kit ,well pleased and can go with the squad now with no fears of hills.

C1: Tim, bridgend - C1 Installation - genesis fortitude 11 Speed Alfine Hub Gears

Bike is great, have been out for a couple of rides and it is even better than I expected. Completely silent and a joy to ride.The bike has exceeded my expectations in almost every way.

C1: Paula, Cheltenham - first ever C1 Installation - Trek road bike

5337ft of climbing and 65 miles duration is indeed impressive. Thanks again Mark, if all your customers are as pleased as we are, you are to be congratulated!

Fiona, New Forest – Quick 5 Feminine and Quick 5

Just to let you know, my new bike is fantastic. Lovely to be be cycling in Holland!

Robert, North Wales Cytronex Powered Merida Speeder T3

We are very pleased with the bikes we bought last week. They are fantastic!

Steve, Cumbria Cytronex Powered Cannondale Super Six Ultegra 2013

I'm very impressed so far with the way the bike climbs hills! This has taken all the pressure and strain off my weak knees, and this is exactly what I wanted - I am enjoying my riding again, without suffering on the climbs.

Nigel, Dorset Cytronex Powered Merida Speeder T3

My Merider T3 Speeder, bought from you some weeks ago, is a really impressive piece of equipment. It has brought back the joy of cycling. I find that a full battery charge will do over thirty miles. it and, although not exactly impressive to a young enthusiastic cyclist, I can average 15 mph plus in hilly Dorset.

Adam, Bath Cytronex Powered Specialized Sirrus

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for creating such an amazing bit of kit. It was well worth the wait as my daily commute and ride up a crazy hill has gone from being a huge pain to an enormous pleasure.

Annabel, London Cytronex Powered Cannondale Synapse

Just to say how amazing my cannondale synapse has been in all this snow etc. It has enabled me to get to work etc. It has been great fun with the battery.

Allan, North Yorkshire Cytronex Powered GT Transeo 3.0

Just to let you know that since taking delivery of my Transeo 3.0 I can quite honestly say that it not only does everything it says on the tin, but more so!

Alan, Northern Ireland Cytronex Powered Cannondale Quick CX

Having taken my first ride on my new Cytronex bike, I wanted to say a big thank you to you for a fantastic product.

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