Cytronex C1 App

Sync+ allows you to customise Cytronex C1 including the power levels you use and Boost Button brightness. Place your bottle upside down in the charge shoe to connect to the App via USB. When we add enhancements to the software in your bottle (known as “Firmware”) the Update button in the App will pulse prompting you to update to the latest version. If you have a problem on your bike – you can even send us a log file from the App with your comments, by clicking on “Diagnostics”.

One of the many unique features of Cytronex C1 is its ability to maintain an exact power level to suit you or to match any rider you want to cycle with.

The C1 App also includes your manual and a direct link to purchase any parts and accessories you may want for your C1. So if you need an additional bottle or charger just click on “Accessories.”