Overview – Fitting Cytronex C1

Remove the front wheel from your bike and replace with C1 motor wheel – lower the bicycle fork dropouts onto the C1 motor axle as shown and tighten the wheel nuts.

Attach the C1 bottle Cage to your bike with the 2 bolts provided using the water bottle mounts on your downtube as shown. The cable guides will route the wire neatly around the sides of your bicycle downtube.

Align the two arrows on either side of the motor fork connector and push together.

Attach the Boost Button with the two zip ties – the ties will slip under most gear shift indicators so the button can be positioned neatly right next to your thumb.

Use the zip ties which have two cable clips attached to clip the cables neatly to the sides of your downtube above the cage, and use the single clip version to attach the Cytronex sensor cable near the bottom of the downtube as shown. The cables just push into the clips and there are two more single clips to attach the motor cable to your fork

Attach the patented Cytronex sensor to the chain stay of the bike with the two releasable zip ties (so you can reposition if necessary). The two screws on the top allow the sensor to move in any direction so you can point the sensor at any rear sprocket.

The bottle clamps quickly and easily on the bike with the patented quick connector. Just place the bottle on the bottom of the cage with the logo facing you, tilt the bottle in to the cage, then bring down the plug and clamp with a twist of the knurled ring.