Cytronex C1 will fit to most bicycles but it is essential to check compatibility before ordering. Please check each of the below points.

You can check these points quickly and easily by ordering the C1 Compatibility Checker HERE, or if you have a suitable magnet you can just print out the templates and check straight away.

Cytronex Sensor

Check that a magnet is attracted to at least one of the rear sprockets (these are the rear cogs on bikes that have chains) or the rear pulley for belt drive bikes. If you don’t have a reasonably strong magnet (fridge magnets are usually too weak to tell) a suitable magnet is included in the C1 Compatibility Kit, which also contains the templates pre-printed to correct size:

Cytronex C1 Sensor Fitted To Bike
Check that a magnet is attracted to at least one of the rear sprockets

The sensor bracket is designed to adjust to most bicycles and fits to the chain stay as shown above. Some hub gear bikes can by more difficult to fit and may require a separate part – if you have difficulty fitting just send us a photo of your chainstay and we can advise and send you the correct part. To send a photo please message us with the Support Contact Form first.

Front Wheel Motor

Please click on an icon below to print out the correct front wheel hub template for your bike (“Rim Brakes” means all bicycles which brake against the wheel rim, such as V-brake and Caliper Brakes). Remove front wheel from your bicycle and hold template vertically in position to check clearance for motor in your fork:

Important: Only compatible with standard  forks for 100mm wide hubs, with “drop outs” – i.e. not compatible with single sided mono forks or forks designed for “Thru-Axle Hubs”. Please note also that some fork dropouts have “Lawyer Lips” which may require the C1 torque washers to be amended or a different type to be provided – if you have difficulty fitting please message us with the Support Contact Form.

Bottle Cage

Please click on the icon below and print out the template so you can check that the Bottle Cage will fit where the two water bottle bolts are positioned on your bicycle downtube. The cage is designed to fit in small spaces but it is important to check, particularly with small frame sizes:

Bottle Cage Frame Template

Many step-through bikes do not have water bottle mounts on the downtube, but it may still be possible to add the two fixing holes – either at our workshop, via an experienced bicycle shop or installed by a bicycle frame builder.

If you have checked for motor and cage clearance with the templates and your bike has a rear sprocket or pulley that attracts a magnet then you are good to go.

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